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Jonathan Argentiero

My name is Jonathan Argentiero and i was born in the year 1985, in the fascinating city of Como in the north of Italy.

I grew up at the same time the web florished and became what we all love today. From the first time i turned on a PC i felt my love for technology growing day by day.

After graduating at Liceo Scientifico Paolo Giovio (Science High School) i chose to attend at the renowed university Politecnico di Milano as an Informatic Engineer.

While studying i started to accomplish some small jobs as a young freelancer, it didn't matter if it was an ambicious web design or simple technical assistance, i succeded in every kind of activity that involved my passion for the world of technology, collecting the respect and the trust of my clients.

Today i work as an experienced employed web developer and programmer, refining my skills day by day, standing on the shoulder of the giants aiming to be one of them.

You can find my profile on almost every social network, feel free to contact me anytime!

Three good reasons to choose me

Experienced Nerd

Being nerd means having the knowledge for internet trends, last technologies and best programming pratices. Being nerd is my mark of quality necessary to fully understand the internet.


Trust is the key-word of any relation. Apart from fulfilling the job, i collected the trust and the respect of my committers.

Business Logic

A web site or a web application are investments. Being able to aim at your business objectives is one of my precious skills.

My Knowledge

"To ask is no sin"

Feel free to contact me for any kind of question or suggestion.
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